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The Herd – Please Vote!

This story contributed by junior Tommy Walters. Please visit the YouTube link and vote!

About a month ago, I finished a video for a scholarship program called the Courageous Persuaders, an organization that aims to reduce alcohol use among young people. The video made it through the first round of judging and could now win me a $2,500 scholarship. The video and the actors also have a shot at getting on TV in Michigan where the contest is located. My video can win if I get the most “likes” on YouTube by May 1. Thanks for your vote!


7th Grade English Students Make Movie Trailers From Short Stories

In Mrs. Beth Prokesch’s English classes, students worked in groups using their creative movie making skills to express their understanding of short stories.  Students read an assigned short story in class. They then created a script and selected roles for their movie trailer. Students analyzed the plot parts of the short story and filmed the actors. Students selected music to represent the mood of the short story and revised and edited their final project using iMovie software.

Students also included bloopers at the end of their iMovie trailers for added laughs.  The students filled out a self-assessment and had their peers evaluate their work. All students played their movies for a live audience at the conclusion of the unit.

“All Summer in a Day” was performed by Matt L. Daniel B., Leandra R., and Taylor V.

Mrs. Prokesch – All Summer In A Day from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.

“The Third Wish” was performed by Mahlon R., Logan K., Andrew F., and Joahna H.

The Third Wish from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.


Lights, Camera, ACTION!

This post was written by Mrs. Susan Young, 4th grade teacher at Harry S Truman Elementary School.

The students in Mrs Young’s class at HST created movies about the Northeast states. First, the students were required to research information on their state, organize the information and then create a movie.The students had the use of digital cameras, flip cameras and the built in camera in the Mac. The students also used Google Earth to present the location of the state, buildings and land formation.  The student’s worked in partners on the project. The project took about 3 weeks to complete. After the movies were finished the students presented the movies to the class.

Enycia and Jessica chose New York.

Evan and Joseph chose Washington D.C.

Koby and Blake chose Vermont.

Erin and Madison chose Maine.


Using the Laptop Camera in Science

This post was written by Mr. David Beyer, 6th grade teacher at Salisbury Middle School.

In order to get better observations for a science demonstration, students came up with the idea of recording the demonstration, then applying a slow-motion effect. Some even watched frame by frame to get the clearest observations they could!

Here’s an example:

This activity (demonstrating that all objects fall equally regardless of mass) has been a challenge for students in the past. With the activity, students drop two balls at the same time and watch them fall. Students naturally focus on which ball hits the ground first, not always seeing which leaves the desk surface first! Their observations often leads them to erroneous conclusions. The students’ idea of recording the demonstrations has improved their observations.

Just as scientists discovered new information by using improved technology, our students are learning more about the world around them by using better tools!


YouTube in Education

YouTube has become a valuable resource for education. Today, YouTube launched a new channel, YouTube Teachers. Visit the site to learn more about what YouTube has to offer students and teachers. Visit the site to learn how YouTube can..

  • Increase student engagement.
  • Provide free access to high quality content.
  • Appeal to all kinds of learners.
  • Lengthen in-class instructional time.
  • Provide students with an avenue to create for an extended audience.

Along the same lines, here is a blog post explaining how the use of YouTube can enhance the learning environment: Five Reasons Why YouTube Rocks the Classroom.

After checking out these resources, what do you think about using YouTube in schools?