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Menus in OS X

The Menu Bar is just about always readily accessible on your Mac. There are some great features and shortcuts hiding within. This three part article by Christopher Breen of Macworld. takes an in-depth look at the contents of the menus used most often. While this article was written for the Mountain Lion version of the operating systme, all the information within also applies to Lion, our current operating system. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Study Island – Enabling Text-to-Speech

Study Island is a resource used in grades 3 – 12 for standards-based assessments, test preparation, and instruction. This fall, teachers have the option to enable text-to-speech for students in the benchmarks exams as well as study material. This five minute tutorial will show you how.


Connecting to the School’s Server

The district has a server set up that has dedicated space that you can save important files.  You may need to connect to the school’s server to locate older documents, or you might need to go in to a shared folder on the server to collaborate with others.  If you’re new to this or you need a refresher on how to connect, you may find the guide below useful.

Connecting to the Server