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7th Grade Poetry

Mrs. Prokesch, 7th grade English Language Arts teacher at Salisbury Middle School, completed a unit on poetry with all of her 7th grade classes. Students wrote several different types of poems and constructed them into poetry booklets.The students in the video below wrote some of the best poems from Mrs. Prokesch’s classes. Great job students!

Watch the video to see our students reading their selected poems.

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Seventh Grade Students Correspond with Students in Joplin, MO

Salisbury Press Photo

Earlier this year, Salisbury Middle School English Teacher, Mrs. Beth Prokesch developed a project for her students to collaborate and develop friendships with students in Joplin, MO following a devastating tornado.

Read more about the Salisbury/Joplin project in an article that appeared in the March 7, 2012 edition of the Salisbury Press. Thank you to Salisbury Press editor Debbie Galbraith for permission to post this article on the website.


Music in Our Schools Month – Middle School General Music

This video is courtesy of Mrs. Gaston, Salisbury Middle School music teacher, and her 7th grade music class.


7th Grade English Students Make Movie Trailers From Short Stories

In Mrs. Beth Prokesch’s English classes, students worked in groups using their creative movie making skills to express their understanding of short stories.  Students read an assigned short story in class. They then created a script and selected roles for their movie trailer. Students analyzed the plot parts of the short story and filmed the actors. Students selected music to represent the mood of the short story and revised and edited their final project using iMovie software.

Students also included bloopers at the end of their iMovie trailers for added laughs.  The students filled out a self-assessment and had their peers evaluate their work. All students played their movies for a live audience at the conclusion of the unit.

“All Summer in a Day” was performed by Matt L. Daniel B., Leandra R., and Taylor V.

Mrs. Prokesch – All Summer In A Day from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.

“The Third Wish” was performed by Mahlon R., Logan K., Andrew F., and Joahna H.

The Third Wish from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.


Middle School – Digital Storytelling Using GarageBand

After attending a workshop for our teachers on Apple’s iLife suite, Mr. Frick, 8th grade Foundations of American Government teacher at Salisbury Middle School, offered his students the opportunity to creatively tell a historical story using GarageBand.

Students created music and lyrics about an American history topic being studied.  The original song/lyrics of the final product demonstrated student understanding of basic facts, essential knowledge and in-depth details and examples related to their chosen topic through the medium of music. Storytelling through the use of technology provides students with an alternate choice to traditional essays and posters. Through this project, students had the opportunity to understand, present and explain information while developing media and creativity skills.

Example: George Washington – GarageBand Project (m4a)

As a part of the research process, students have access to many resources including the new American Studies etext. The new etext provides several advantages over the traditional paper textbook.

  • tools for talking to the text – highlighting, post it notes for annotating text
  • audio – students can listen to the text being read while they read along
  • embedded web resources
  • interactive components  such as flashcards for vocabulary, games, self-check quizzes, the ability to email the teacher and use interactive graphic organizers

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