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Why TL2014?

Why are we doing this? Why does every students need their own personal laptop computer? Here are the goals of TL2014:

The TL2014 initiative will accelerate the process of providing our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for post-secondary success – the work force or higher education – in the 21st century. TL2014 has as its goals:

  • Increased learning opportunities for the development of critical 21st century skills: critical thinking and problem solving, effective oral and written communication, collaboration, creativity and curiosity, adaptability, organization, initiative and entrepreneurialism.
  • Increased opportunities for student engagement in a dynamic, technology-rich learning environment.
  • Increased opportunities for project-based and challenge-based learning, mirroring real-world work force and higher education environments.
  • Increased opportunities for differentiation and individualized instruction through the use of technology.
  • Increased opportunities for reading and writing in new formats and modes common in the 21st century.

The computing device is a small, but necessary part of providing the greatest opportunities for our students to develop new career, citizenship and life-long learning skills in a dynamic technology-rich learning environment. What do you think?