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Falcon Apps and Flubaroo

This is a nifty little script I just learned about on the Free Technology for Teachers blog. (By the way, anyone would be wise to subscribe to this blog – lots of useful ideas and tools.)

An effective way to see whether students have grasped some factual content is to set up an assessment using a Google Form (Falcon Apps > Create new > Form). Once students have taken the assessment, you can go to the associated spreadsheet and install the Flubaroo script (Directions are located online at this link.) What will the Flubaroo script do? It will…

  • Grade the assessment
  • Email feedback to the students
  • Print a report for your use

There is an excellent demonstration video available showing how to start using this tool.

Flubaroo is a great example of how technology can make the feedback process (so necessary in teaching and learning) simple and helpful. Both teacher and student receive feedback that can be invaluable in the process of acquiring basic content knowledge.