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Distracted Youth – Myths

Duke professor, Cathy Davidson, has a commentary in the Wall Street Journal – The Three Biggest Myths About Distracted Youth. Here are the three myths she challenges:

  • Young People Don’t/Can’t Remember Anything Anymore.
  • Young People Can’t Read Anything Long.
  • Young People’s Multitasking Causes Accidents.

Davidson provides some interesting commentary. Be sure to read her full article.

“Those pundits who frighten us over the fate of humanity and warn us that the Internet ruins our brain seem to have forgotten that we are humans, that we have will, and that we have the ability to use the tools at our disposal wisely or badly. It’s a choice. Once we can get past the fears that blind us to our own common sense, we can begin to think sensibly about this tool called the Internet. We can begin to create the particular, individual, or group habits and practices that work best for us.  Once we dispel the myths, we can master our tools rather than fearfully allowing the myth of their power to master us.”

What kind of experiences do you have with your own children and these ideas?