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7th Grade English Students Make Movie Trailers From Short Stories

In Mrs. Beth Prokesch’s English classes, students worked in groups using their creative movie making skills to express their understanding of short stories.  Students read an assigned short story in class. They then created a script and selected roles for their movie trailer. Students analyzed the plot parts of the short story and filmed the actors. Students selected music to represent the mood of the short story and revised and edited their final project using iMovie software.

Students also included bloopers at the end of their iMovie trailers for added laughs.  The students filled out a self-assessment and had their peers evaluate their work. All students played their movies for a live audience at the conclusion of the unit.

“All Summer in a Day” was performed by Matt L. Daniel B., Leandra R., and Taylor V.

Mrs. Prokesch – All Summer In A Day from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.

“The Third Wish” was performed by Mahlon R., Logan K., Andrew F., and Joahna H.

The Third Wish from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.


High School – English

Miss Jennifer Piagesi, English teacher at Salisbury High School, provides choice for her students when demonstrating their learning. After reading the nonfiction piece, “The Flood,” Miss Piagesi’s  students chose to use Animoto to display knowledge of the author, Annie Dillard, the information discussed in the selection, and the literary terms pertaining to the text.

The Flood – Annie Dillard – Animoto by Ashley Ortiz