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Kids today…

There is an excellent post on The 12 Most… site titled, 12 Most Important Things to Know about Kids Today. The writer, Angela Maiers, shares an inspiring list backed by examples from her own work as an educator. Here’s her list of things we need to know about kids today. What do you think? What would you add?

Kids today…

  • are bright and creative.
  • are optimists.
  • are good at sharing.
  • are global learners and excellent teachers.
  • are conscious and conscientious.
  • are challenge-seekers.
  • are active participants and problem-solvers.
  • are question askers.
  • value friends and relationships.
  • are changing the world.
  • still want and need our guidance.

Compared to some of the negative spin we hear and read about kids today, this is a refreshing read. Be sure to check out the original post.