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Veteran’s Day

The Veteran’s Day presentation was the first time students in Harry S Truman 2nd grade used Keynote software to tell a story.  Together, students created a title slide and an end slide.  Then each class created a slide with students’ pictures using iPhoto and clipart images.  Garage Band was used to create a voice-over, adding audio to the student photos. The students really enjoyed seeing their project come together and are looking forward to creating their own projects later this year.


1st Grade Literacy and Technology

Mrs. Dana Sugra, 1st Grade teacher at Harry S. Truman Elementary School, shared this recent project from her 1st graders.

In our first Storytown theme, we read a Big Book titled Go, Go, Go! Kids on the Move.  This book discussed different ways children can move.  We decided to make a personal connection with the book and create a Keynote Presentation of the ways we can move.  Each child had to think of a way he/she could move.  Using the software program Photo Booth on the laptop computers, students took pictures of each other moving in different ways.  Each student created his/her slide changing the background color, font, typing the sentence and doing a voice over.  This project is the students’ own work and is unedited by me.  We continue to work on keyboard functions, as well as on correct punctuation, mechanics, and spelling.  I hope you enjoy it!

View the students’ work at these links.

  • Keynote file, including student voice over narration – 26 MB
  • PowerPoint file, not including student voice over narration – 2.8 MB