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Ways to Use Infographics in the Classroom

Posted by Supervisor of Instructional Practice, Mrs. Lynn Fuini-Hetten.

As I scan through blog posts in my Google Reader, I often find myself drawn to the posts which use an infographic to grab my attention.  Perhaps you have already tried concept mapping tools like with your students.  Are you looking for another avenue to create a visual representation of your content? Consider inviting your students to develop infographics.

A history teacher from Sydney, Australia recently wrote a blog post on ways to use infographics in the classroom.

This site has a step by step guide to creating info graphics.  This would be a great resource if you have your students create these graphics as learning activities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to brainstorm ways to integrate this idea into a classroom project!  After you try this, share a comment with how it worked for you and your students!

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