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Google Earth

This post contributed by Carly Brown, Kambria Carlson, Maegan Ochse   (Class of 2013).

Our World Cultures II class was assigned to complete an “Imperialism through GoogleEarth” project which consisted of research, design, and collaboration. Together, the three of us created a GoogleEarth tour that went from our own Salisbury High School to four different countries and four countries that were conquered by the European nations. Each member researched and contributed to the project. It was fun trying to find all the information Miss Brinson asked for, as well as images, videos and quotes to correspond with the information.  The project had its up side such as traveling to the country that was necessary and showing where it was located. Another positive outlook on the project was how everyone could collaborate equally with all the aspects of the project. For example, someone would get the picture and someone would finish the final product and so forth.  We did face some challenges from time to time, such as collating all of the information. This was a daunting task because of the shear volume of information. Some of the videos were from YouTube so embedding them in the placemarks was difficult at school because of the filter. However, we found we could do this task from home.  One of the other challenges we faced, was that GoogleEarth is not a truly collaborative tool and only one person can work on the tour at a time. While others could do the research or find resources, only one person could build the tour.

Overall, the project was a positive learning experience for all of us.  We enjoyed seeing our work come together so smoothly, and if we had to do another project dealing with traveling the earth, we would use GoogleEarth. (Now that we know how to use it!) This project has given us a new perspective on thinking and has been relatively beneficial for our learning.  As we find with many projects, the process was both aggravating and gratifying – learning to handle the application, and finally figuring out what we were doing – that is an awesome feeling, as was working with each other. We couldn’t have done all of this without each other.


Western Salisbury Elementary School – 3rd Grade Literacy and Geography

The Felix Geography Unit provided students with the ability to develop their skills with maps and globes, specifically using Google Earth.

The project began with the class reading the book Letters from Felix: A Little Rabbit on a World Tour, the story of an adorable rabbit that gets lost in an airport and ends up traveling all over the world.  The story includes letters from Felix and his experiences in world locations such as London, England, Paris, Rome, Egypt, Africa, Kenya and New York.

As the students “traveled” with Felix, they used Google Earth to find his location, visiting the various cities and countries virtually. Once finished reading the book, the students researched interesting facts about the various geographical locations Felix visited. Student work was then displayed on the “Where in the World is Felix? Wall” outside of the classroom.

In addition to learning about many of the world’s major cities and countries through the use of Google Earth, the students also enjoyed finding and locating their own homes, the school, and their local surroundings while developing map skills using an important technology tool.

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Have you used Google Earth? Learn more about Google Earth watching this short video.