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Miss Piagesi and Mrs. Burns – High School English Projects

Miss Jennifer Piagesi, high school English teacher, and Mrs. Robin Burns, high school library media teacher, have been collaborating on several projects for 10th grade English students.

Miss Piagesi and Mrs. Burns worked with students to create several project-based assessments to complete both the short story and non-fiction units. Students were able to work either individually or in groups to combine text, images, and music using Animoto to retell their chosen short story.

The Apple Tree by Katherine Mansfield – Animoto by Hannah Ibrahim and Connor Wagner

Fiction resources

The non-fiction project required students to create a brochure in Pages using several elements from each portion of the unit.  Students were also offered the opportunity to create a movie project.

Abolone, Abolone, Abolone by Toshio Mori

Movie by Tyler Rutt, Michael Palmer and Dustin Pope

Non-fiction resources