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High School – Communications

Mr. Kelly Wetherhold, Communications teacher at Salisbury High School, provides students with many opportunities to learn about various types of media and the messages they convey. Here are some examples:

Mr. Wetherhold’s students explored how the media creates advertising messages, including target audience. The students created media messages using the theory they learned about advertising and analyzing target audience. The product was then showcased during the Falcon Period on Impact, the high school TV show. To create the product, students used story boarding techniques as well as software such as Keynote, Garageband, iMovie, screen captures and screen recordings.

To explore the idea of the use of communication in today’s society, one student chose to explore how communication is used to tell if someone is telling the truth or lying. The student produced “How to Spot a Liar” to express how humans disclose information. The student used iMovie with an emphasis on beat markers to create the project. This project was also showcased during Falcon Period on Impact.

Students were challenged with the phrase “If ______ was never invented how would the world be different than it is today?” – a counterfactual project. For one project a student chose the printing press. Using iPhoto she produced a story to predict what would happen if the printing press was never invented.