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Changing Education Paradigms

TL2014 is rooted in the assumption that our educational system needs to change for changing times. Here is an animated lecture from Sir Ken Robinson. In the lecture he shares his thoughts on how education must be transformed – how the education paradigm must change.


The State of Digital Education Infographic

Here in Salisbury, we have been having conversations about how technology can and will transform education for several years. If you want to get a sense of what those conversations have been about, check out The State of Digital Education Infographic to learn about some of the ways technology is changing the face of education. Despite some of the recent doom and gloom coming out of the state house, it really is an exciting time for education in the classroom.



In case you think the world isn’t changing….

Mobile Year in Review – 2010

Thanks to 6th Grade teacher Mrs. Cathy Yurconic for sharing.


Did you know?

It’s been a few years since the original Did You Know? video was produced. Recently, the viral video came out in its 5th version: Iowa, Did You Know? While some of the information in the video is specific to Iowa, many of the facts about the world are applicable to people living in any US state. In many ways, this video demonstrates why we are doing what we are doing with TL2014. Anyone want to create one for Pennsylvania?


Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson speaks frequently about creativity and the changing educational and social landscapes. In this video, Robinson lays out the basic assumptions that underlie our current practices of education, and provides us with some prompting questions to change them.

Which assumptions should we be tackling in Salisbury? You can view other talks by Sir Ken: