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High School – English

Miss Jennifer Piagesi, English teacher at Salisbury High School, provides choice for her students when demonstrating their learning. After reading the nonfiction piece, “The Flood,” Miss Piagesi’s  students chose to use Animoto to display knowledge of the author, Annie Dillard, the information discussed in the selection, and the literary terms pertaining to the text.

The Flood – Annie Dillard – Animoto by Ashley Ortiz


Using Twitter to Make Connections

The 21st century is full of multiple avenues to make connections with others who have like interests. Twitter is one of the best ways for educators to connect with other expert educators all over the world. In this Animoto, the roll of Twitter in developing professional learning connections is explained quite well.

Why Educators Should Join Twitter

Are you intrigued? Do you want to learn more about Twitter? Here are some resources to explore and help you get started.

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