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Podcasting in 4th Grade

This post was written by Mrs. Susan Young, 4th grade teacher at Harry S Truman Elementary School.

Reading is an important part of elementary school. Now is the time to encourage students to develop a love of books. The students in Mrs Young’s 4th grade class are required to read books from a variety of different genres. After the students have read their book of choice, they are required to do a book project. The students have a variety of choices to present their book project, though means of technology or paper and pencil. Evan read a poetry book and created a podcast in GarageBand.

If I Ran The School


4th Grade – Kingdoms of Living Things

Students in Mrs. Young’s fourth grade classroom at Harry S Truman Elementary School are using Falcon Apps to enhance their learning.  As part of the fourth grade curriculum, students study the different kingdoms of living things.  Mrs. Young’s students each researched an animal to determine the animal’s kingdom and whether it was a vertebrate or invertebrate.  Students used the Destiny catalog to access websites for information.  As students found information and pictures they shared their findings in Falcon Apps, creating a shared presentation.

In the past, students have researched topics and prepared presentations using Keynote and PowerPoint. However, Falcon Apps allows the students to take their learning to the next level.  The students were able to work collaboratively online to create a shared document and compile findings in one location. Students developed technology skills, collaboration skills and research skills including media literacy and information literacy while learning important content.

View the presentation online.