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New/Withdrawn Students

The following procedures will be used for New Students:

  • Upon registration, the same documents provided to all students at the start of the school year will be provided to the new student and family. These documents include: Principal Letter, School Board Policies 815 and 224, Agreement for Laptop Use (Versions A and B), Home Filtering Option Form, flyer, Falcon Apps information. The Principal, or designee, will review the information with the student and family and answer any questions.
  • Upon receipt of the Insurance Fee (pro-rated at $5.00 per month) and all signed documents (by the designated person in each building), the Computer Technician will be notified. The Computer Technician will remove a laptop computer from the loaner pool and prepare the laptop, sleeve and charger for student use (including adding to student inventory records).
  • When the laptop computer is has been properly configured, the Computer Technician will meet with the student for a brief overview of use and care of the laptop computer.
  • Signed documents should be maintained in the school building with other TL2014 signed documents. Checks for insurance fees should be sent to the Technology Department Secretary. The Secretary will record the receipt of the check and deposit it into the appropriate account.

The following procedures will be used for Withdrawn Students:

  • Upon withdrawal from school, the student will return the laptop computer, sleeve and charger in the same condition as received, except normal wear and tear.
  • The Computer Technician will examine the laptop computer. If the laptop computer is in need of maintenance or repair beyond normal wear and tear, as determined by the District, the Computer Technician will follow the procedures outlined on the Warranty/Insurance Claims page.
  • Once any maintenance/repair work has been completed, inventories will be updated and the laptop computer will be placed back in the loaner pool.
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