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Posts from the ‘Tech Tip’ Category


Using the App Switcher in OS X

appswitcherYou can switch between any open applications on the Mac by using the App Switcher built into OS X. For more information, read the linked guide here.


Tips on Using Google Drive

Here is a great link with details on using Google Drive effectively for students.  They include searching for scholarly articles, translating, and checkingGoogle-Drive-icon word count in your documents.

9 Things every student should be able to do with Google Drive


Adding New Fonts

There are lots of free fonts you can download and install on your mac to use in multiple applications, including Pages, Keynote, and Word.  Use this Pages 512 Originalguide to learn the process of adding new fonts.

Adding New Fonts


Changing Tempo in GarageBand

Once you start a project in GarageBand, if you realize you need to change the tempo it is an easy change to make.  Use this guide to learn how to garageband-iconchange the tempo.

Changing Tempo in GarageBand


Setting up Page Numbers in Pages

Use this guide to learn two easy ways  to set up page numbers in Pages.  Pages 512 Original


Setting Page Numbers in Pages