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Media – Salisbury High School

mediaIn conjunction with Staff Appreciation Week, we are featuring student work as a daily post on Today, we feature Salisbury High School and students in Mr. Kelly Wetherhold’s media classes.

Studying media is certainly enlightening. It is a reflection of time, and the linchpin of communication, knowledge, and design. I particularly love the infiltration of design because of its infinite, malleable realm of ideas and creativity which media allows you to collect, interpret, and present. The psychology of media is definitely interesting, too. ~Tori

This course has strengthened my desire to learn and create. It’s given me a sandbox to build projects and develop useful skills. We gain different perspectives on concepts and how to view the world through others’ eyes in order to appeal to an audience. ~Austin

I have taken a good liking to working on media. It has broadened a larger spectrum of creativity and abstract thinking which is something I can take with me and apply to what lies ahead. ~Killian

This class requires personal initiative induced by freedom. You are provided with knowledge and must interpret it on your own to an extent that communicates a message. ~Lindsay

Lindsay Bauer

Victoria Brobst

Austin Watson


Traveling Around Germany!

germanyIn conjunction with Staff Appreciation Week, we are featuring student work as a daily post on Today, we feature Salisbury High School and Mrs. Krista Spradlin, German teacher along with Mrs. Robin Burns, Library Media Teacher. Thank you Mrs. Spradlin and Mrs. Burn for sharing this story!

This marking period German teacher, Mrs. Krista Spradlin, and Library Media Teacher, Mrs. Robin Burns, worked with German III and German IV students to create movies for a unit on travel.  The students were tasked with planning a vacation to a region of Germany that interested them and then researching the sites visited using specific websites and subscription databases.

The German IV students’ movies were the culmination of the study of various regions and were based upon past units of vocabulary and grammar.  Students worked in pairs and conducted research on different tourist sites, then learned how to assemble their information in a movie spoken completely in German.  They also had to find photos, maps, and charts to help tell their stories.

Students were able to work in the library and received individual support from the school library media teacher, Mrs. Robin Burns, and building technology coach, Miss Jennifer Brinson, on research techniques, proper MLA citations, iMovie editing, and the use of green screen to embed themselves into photographs.

All of the information and digital resources for students are located on the high school library LibGuide.


Educational Uses of Minecraft

In conjunction with Staff Appreciation Week, we are featuring student work as a daily post on Today, we feature Salisbury Middle School and Mr. David Beyer, 6th Grade Teacher. Thank you Mr. Beyer for sharing this story!

6th grade students are frequently encouraged to develop projects using Minecraft to demonstrate their learning. Read what these students have done and watch short videos of their projects.

Minecraft is a great game to create a project. Minecraft makes learning fun because I find it more interesting building on the computer instead of drawing or writing on paper. In Minecraft there are about 100 different color blocks that you can use to make what you want to. It’s like putting together Lego blocks. There are trees, plants, animals, and and other stuff you can use for details. I used Minecraft on my project for Bridge to Terabithia to show what I learned about the book. I was able to make my project look like how I pictured it in my head. Because I could make it three-dimensional I had to be more detailed in picturing it.

Minecraft is great for learning. You can build and make pretty much anything. For our Chinese New Year project we made a polo stadium using Minecraft. We based it on a real place that we researched. Minecraft is also good for learning and doing projects in school because you can use your imagination to explain what you have learned.

Minecraft helps me as a learner in many ways. For example, if I am reading a book and I have to explain it, I can use Minecraft to help explain what it looks like, what the environment looks like, or I can build a sculpture of a character. Minecraft also is connected to geometry because it uses blocks. I have to figure out angles to make things look right. Minecraft can be fun, but it can also be used for learning.

I find that Minecraft lets me do more than have fun. I can build something, have fun doing it, and show my teachers what I understand about a topic in school. I used Minecraft to built an Egyptian temple. I believe the temple enhanced my understanding of secret passageways, false doors and secret chambers the Ancient Egyptians would have used in their time. I have also received extra credit for turning in a Minecraft project.


Famous People From History and Pop Culture – Harry S Truman Elementary

In conjunction with Staff Appreciation Week, we are featuring student work as a daily post on Today, we feature Harry S Truman Elementary School!

Second graders at Harry S Truman have been developing their research and technology skills with a project focusing on famous people from history and pop culture. Students chose a celebrity or historical figure and learned different methods of research in library class. They also recorded each other speaking about their reasons for choosing their subject. Each student combined their research and video into their own Keynote presentation to share with their class.

Jackson Kramp – Pele

Meadow Lettko – Rosa Parks

Angela Bitar – George Washington


Folk Tales and Reading Buddies – Western Salisbury Elementary School

In conjunction with Staff Appreciation Week, we are featuring student work as a daily post on Today, we feature Western Salisbury Elementary School and Mr. Adams’ 5th grade class. Thank you Mr. Adams and Mr. Ritter, WSE Computer Technician, for sharing this story.

Mr. Adams’ 5th Grade students worked in groups to research a favorite  tall tale, fairy tale, nursery rhyme or folk tale.  The students then retold the tales using a variety of programs including Garage Band, Keynote and iMovie.  The final versions of the multimedia projects were then shared with the 1st Grade reading buddies in Mrs. Viscuso’s room.