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Uploading Files to Falcon Apps

customLogo.gifYou can easily upload any type of file, including Word documents, PDFs, JPEGS, Pages files, Keynote Files, etc to your Falcon Apps account. Use this guide to learn how.

Uploading Files to Falcon Apps


Using the App Switcher in OS X

appswitcherYou can switch between any open applications on the Mac by using the App Switcher built into OS X. For more information, read the linked guide here.


Reopening Webpages

If you accidentally close a tab or window when browsing the Internet, you can quickly reopen the last set of websites you had open. The following guide contains instructions on reopening webpages and tabs in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Reopening Webpages browsers-no bg


Using Shortcuts in Gmail

Your Falcon Apps email account, powered by Gmail, has plenty of built-in shortcuts. This infographic by VisualEKS gives a great rundown on some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts available. customLogo.gif


Inserting Special Characters in iWork

You can easily add symbols and special characters in any iWork application.  The characters include mathematical symbols, pictographs, emojis, bullet points, Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 8.40.14 AMcurrency symbols, etc.  Use this guide to find out how to use them.

Inserting Special Characters in iWork