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About TL2014

Teaching and Learning 2014 (TL2014) is an initiative of the Salisbury Township School District located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Started in September 2011, TL2014 is designed to bring to life, by June 2014, our vision for education in the 21st century. is the primary communication tool for teachers, students, parents and community about all things TL2014! Links to documents, forms and important information about laptop computers for students and parents/guardians appear across the top of the page. Look for fresh content about student work, TL2014 news, and web content for learning to appear on the main page. Please visit often or subscribe via RSS or email (form located on the right-hand side of this page).

TL2014 has as its stated goals:

  • Increased learning opportunities for the development of critical 21st century skills: critical thinking and problem solving, effective oral and written communication, collaboration, creativity and curiosity, adaptability, organization, initiative and entrepreneurialism.
  • Increased opportunities for student engagement in a dynamic, technology-rich learning environment.
  • Increased opportunities for project-based and challenge-based learning, mirroring real-world work force and higher education environments.
  • Increased opportunities for differentiation and individualized instruction through the use of technology.
  • Increased opportunities for reading and writing in new formats and modes common in the 21st century.

TL2014 Facts:

  • TL2014 is the natural next-step in the Strategic Plan process to support the District’s planned vision and mission.
  • TL2014 provides a solution to a complex challenge – two realities that often seem to be in opposition: moving forward to achieve our vision for all children while reducing budgetary impacts. How does the District provide the needed ACCESS to opportunities for all children while decreasing costs?  TL2014 is an innovative solution to this complex challenge
  • TL2014 will provide a 21st century learning environment unlike any other in the Lehigh Valley region. TL2014 will distinguish Salisbury Township School District as a district of choice.
  • TL2014 increases levels of access District-wide with a personal laptop computer for all students in Middle and High School (Grade 6-12) while increasing access at the elementary level (Grade K-5).
  • The total annual fixed cost to implement TL2014 is $239,000. The TL2014 initiative results in an annual savings of $60,000 or $180,000 over four years, compared to maintaining the old replacement cycle, projected to cost $300,000 annually.

Historical Documents:

Salisbury Township School District Board of Education
Russell R. Giordano, President
Thomas F. Mantz, Vice-President
Samuel P. DeFrank
Robert M. Fischer
Audrey H. Frick
George J. Gatanis
Frank R. Frankenfield
Christopher J. Spedaliere, Ph.D.
Mary L. Ziegler
John Freund III, Esq., Solicitor
Salisbury Township School District Administration

Mr. Michael Q. Roth, Superintendent
Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss, Assistant Superintendent
Mr. Robert Bruchak
, Board Secretary
Mrs. Nora Perron-Jones, Director of Special Education
Mrs. Lynn Fuini-Hetten, Supervisor of Instructional Practice
Mr. Christopher Smith, Coordinator of Technology
Ms Heather Morningstar, Principal, Salisbury High School
Mr. William Dovico, Assistant Principal, Salisbury High School
Mr. Robert Cassidy, Principal, Salisbury Middle School
Mr. Ken ParlimanAssistant Principal, Salisbury Middle School
Mrs. Grace Hartman, Principal, Western Salisbury Elementary School
Mrs. Barbara SamidePrincipal, Harry S. Truman Elementary School

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