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ESL and Content Curation

curation-370x230This post was submitted by Mrs. Robin Burns, SHS Library Media Teacher.

This marking period Mrs. Marie Shuey, high school ESL teacher, and Mrs. Robin Burns, high school library media teacher, worked with ESL students to digitally curate research for an ecology unit. The project required students to focus on one aspect of ecology and create a Thinglink that creatively curated what they learned on their specific topic.  All of the information and digital resources for students are located on the high school library FalconGuides.

Students were instructed on how to link images, videos, and informational text through one interactive visual image.  The selected image acts as a starting point for the projects connecting each link to individual research content.    The Thinglinks were shared in class for all students to view their classmates work and answer questions about each topic.

Check out these projects!


3rd Grade – Famous Leaders

Third grade students at Western Salisbury Elementary School in Mrs. Knight’s and Mrs. Moyer’s classes did research projects on famous leaders that have made significant contributions to society.

Along with researching the lives and achievements of famous leaders, students examined how these leaders used personality traits to reach their goals. Students applied the Seven Habits to their famous leader to better understand what can be achieved by practicing the Seven Habits.

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Uploading Files to Falcon Apps

customLogo.gifYou can easily upload any type of file, including Word documents, PDFs, JPEGS, Pages files, Keynote Files, etc to your Falcon Apps account. Use this guide to learn how.

Uploading Files to Falcon Apps


Using the App Switcher in OS X

appswitcherYou can switch between any open applications on the Mac by using the App Switcher built into OS X. For more information, read the linked guide here.


Tips on Using Google Drive

Here is a great link with details on using Google Drive effectively for students.  They include searching for scholarly articles, translating, and checkingGoogle-Drive-icon word count in your documents.

9 Things every student should be able to do with Google Drive