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January 12, 2014

Google Sites in Anatomy and Physiology

by Randy Ziegenfuss

pathogenThis marking period Mrs. Susan Wilson, high school science teacher, and Mrs. Robin Burns, high school library media teacher, worked with Honors Anatomy and Physiology students to create Google Sties for a pathogenic research project.  The project required students to focus on one type of pathogen and then create a Google site to creatively showcase what they learned about their pathogen.  The creation of student sites required students to research their pathogen and then decide on the style and design elements to share their information.  All of the information and digital resources for students are located on the high school library FalconGuides.

Students were given the opportunity to create the style, layout, and how their informational site was set up to fully explore their pathogen.  Student Google Sites were then transmitted as quick response, QR, codes that were displayed on the high school FalconGuides science page.  The QR codes and student sites were shared in class for all students to view their classmates work and answer questions about each pathogen.

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