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January 9, 2014

Global Village

by Randy Ziegenfuss

This story was submitted by Salisbury High School teacher Mrs. Kathleen McNally. Mrs. McNally is a teacher of English Language Learners.

In Block 3 our class is learning about the concept of a Global Village. What this means is that people on our earth are all interconnected and dependent on each other. Through technology, the world is becoming smaller.

We are very fortunate to have new friends from Armenia! A Peace Corps volunteer, Meghan McGinty, is teaching Armenian students English and we have been communicating with them! My class made a Keynote about Thanksgiving and we emailed it to the teacher to share with her class. Thanksgiving was a learning experience for both of our classes, because some of my ESL students just moved to America and haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving. Please check out our Thanksgiving Keynote!

 Before the holiday break, the teacher in Armenia visited our class as a guest speaker. The experience was amazing! She and her sister brought in Armenian food for us to sample, and the coffee was delicious. They presented a PowerPoint about the country of Armenia and taught us a native dance. Her students also wrapped some presents that represented Armenia.

My most powerful moment was when my students read their pen pal’s letters. There was pure joy on my students’ faces. Having this guest speaker was a day we will never forget! This Global Village unit has been an interesting journey so far… we hope to Skype our new friends in February. Until then, enjoy our pictures!

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