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Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots on your Mac is quick and easy.  Once you have a screenshot, you can add it to a document, presentation, email, etc.  There are two Preview_icondifferent types of screenshots, this guide will detail how to create them.

Taking Screenshots


Making the Most of Google Groups

Google Groups offers many beneficial features for communicating and sharing items with others. If you’d like to know more about using the Groups feature in Falcon Apps, this article from provides many helpful tips, including using Favorites and folders to keep your groups organized. customLogo.gif


Freshman Library Orientation – Print and Digital Choice Reading

This article was submitted by High School Library Media Teacher, Robin Burns.

This month the Salisbury High School library welcomed the incoming freshman class with a library orientation focused on choice reading.  English teacher, Robyn Balsai, and librarian Robin Burns worked with the freshman English students to introduce available reading materials in the library and online with the digital lending library, Overdrive.  Salisbury Township School District is part of the CLIU21 Overdrive Consortium and has access to all shared titles in addition to an Advantage collection just for Salisbury students.

The library website, FalconGuides, includes information and tutorials for using the new Overdrive system.  The first part of the students’ visit included information on Overdrive and guided instruction for downloading the Overdrive Media Console onto either their MacBooks or handheld devices.  Students were able to access their virtual locker, check out books, and begin reading immediately. The collection can be found at

The students’ library visit ended with a date, a date with a book.  Student participated in a round of speed dating with four selected books.  The selected books were all new library material both fiction and non-fiction titles.  Following the speed dates students who found a match were invited to check out their book.  If none of the books interested students they could either find another title in the library or read digitally using the Overdrive system.

Mrs. Balsai encourages choice reading and uses the Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) model to encourage pleasure reading outside of assigned material in class.  The candid pictures show students enjoying both digital and print books on Friday, September 13th in the high school library.

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Customizing the Safari Toolbar

There are many buttons and features you can use to customize the toolbar when using Safari.  If you ever lose the toolbar, you can also get it back by using safarithis guide.


Customizing the Safari Toolbar