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May 11, 2013

New Ways of Approaching Text in the English Classroom

by Randy Ziegenfuss

Last month English teacher, Jennifer Piagesi, and library media teacher, Robin Burns, met to discuss ways to incorporate technology into review for the upcoming Keystone exams. They decided students would be provided with a reading prompt. Students would then be asked to summarize the prompt and review the text for purpose and literary devices.  Instead of simply having students talk to the text, Jennifer and Robin developed five stations to make the process of text analysis more collaborative, involving the use of Falcon Apps (Google Apps for Education).

For the lesson, students first experienced a cold read of the poem, “The Song in the Dell.” Students then worked through the five stations in groups.  Each station included various aspect of digital collaboration.  For example, one station required students to work together to identify literary terms from the text and then create a Google Presentation to share with the group.  Each member of the group identified at least one literary term, defined the term, and then shared an example from the text.  Once students worked through the five stations they shared their work with the class using the SMARTBoard.

Sample Literary Devices Presentation: A Song in the Dell

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