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May 10, 2013


Media – Salisbury High School

by Randy Ziegenfuss

mediaIn conjunction with Staff Appreciation Week, we are featuring student work as a daily post on Today, we feature Salisbury High School and students in Mr. Kelly Wetherhold’s media classes.

Studying media is certainly enlightening. It is a reflection of time, and the linchpin of communication, knowledge, and design. I particularly love the infiltration of design because of its infinite, malleable realm of ideas and creativity which media allows you to collect, interpret, and present. The psychology of media is definitely interesting, too. ~Tori

This course has strengthened my desire to learn and create. It’s given me a sandbox to build projects and develop useful skills. We gain different perspectives on concepts and how to view the world through others’ eyes in order to appeal to an audience. ~Austin

I have taken a good liking to working on media. It has broadened a larger spectrum of creativity and abstract thinking which is something I can take with me and apply to what lies ahead. ~Killian

This class requires personal initiative induced by freedom. You are provided with knowledge and must interpret it on your own to an extent that communicates a message. ~Lindsay

Lindsay Bauer

Victoria Brobst

Austin Watson

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