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April 24, 2013


Classical Music Meets Technology!

by Randy Ziegenfuss

musicSMSStudents in Mrs. Mosley’s 7th grade classes read biographies about Classical period composers, then chose an event in the composer’s life to create a short film using iMovie.  Students then added music by the composer to help establish mood.  The students first used a storyboard to plan out their video, and then recorded the video using their laptop. iMovie was used to edit the movie and add music by the composer. Mrs. Mosley air-dropped various music clips by each composer to the students to use in the project. Students then selected one of the music clips that they thought set the mood for their film.  Air-dropping is the process of sharing a file with someone in close proximity.

Sixth grade students have been working with Garage Band and the metronome to develop their composing skills.  The metronome keeps a steady beat while students play music. Students created a simple melody which they recorded using Garage Band.  The students then added sound loops to complete their projects.

Students learned a song on the dulcimer, recorded live sound on Garage Band and added loops to complete their projects.

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  1. Betsy Gaston
    Apr 24 2013

    Really fun project! I might borrow some ideas for my music classes….
    Super job!


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