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April 10, 2013

ePals in Italy!

by Randy Ziegenfuss

italypenpalThis post is contributed by 7th grade student Jon Roth.

In Mrs. Prokesch’s English class I have been extremely lucky to communicate with a pen pal in Italy this school year! Once or twice a week my pen pal, Vito, and I write to each other about our classes, families, hobbies and sports. Sometimes our teacher assigns a topic for us to write about, otherwise, we just write back and forth to each other about anything.  Vito has sent me two pictures which I shared with the class and comments on my writing skills as he is trying to improve his English this year.

I have enjoyed learning about his country and reading his writing in Italian, too. He mostly writes to me about his classes and school which I think are very interesting.  For example, in middle school in Italy, they only attend school until 1:00 PM in the afternoon and then they participate in sports; most boys play football, which is soccer in Italy. One of the pictures he sent me was of the town he lives in. I learned that Poligno is a very crowded city and houses are at the very edge of the sea wall.  One of their main forms of income is the fishing industry. I enjoy writing to my friend, Vito, during the week because I learn something new about him and Italy, and he often makes me laugh. Someday I hope to travel to Italy and meet him and have him come stay with me in the United States.

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