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January 6, 2013



by Randy Ziegenfuss

learnistWith access to technology, today it is easier than ever to learn just about anything. One of the challenges, though, is how to find the information we want and need quickly. One way is to develop and refine our search skills. Recently, Google offered a MOOC, Power Searching with Google, to anyone interested in becoming a better searcher. Another way to sift through the large amount of information on the internet is to use content curation services such as Learnist.

What is Learnist? Learnist is a site that allows learners of all ages to consume and curate content around specific topics and subjects.  Learnist is becoming popular in education because it allows for creation, consumption and sharing of curated lists of resources around a whole variety of topics. Learnist‘s tag line is, “Use Learnist to learn new things and share what you know.”

Where is Learnist? Learnist is located at

When should me and my students use Learnist? Access Learnist whenever (1) you want to learn what content experts find most useful on the internet or (2) you want to share your own expertise around a particular topic.

Why should I use Learnist? With a personal computing device, you and your students have access to an abundance of content on the internet. Content curation tools can help you and your students locate the best content vetted by a human rather than an algorithm (Google). We can also use Learnist to curate and share our own expertise around a particular topic.

How do I use Learnist? Watch the short introductory screencast below and share your learning with Learnist in the comments to this post.

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