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Looping a Video in QuickTime

If you have a video in QuickTime Player, you can easily make it loop during playback.  This is useful if you are doing a presentation and would like to repeat a video quicktime_player_x_10_snow_leopardwhile you present.  Use the guide below for a step-by-step explanation.

Looping a Video in QuickTime


TL2014 – Resources of the week… (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.


Additional Effects in Photo Booth

2931254956_5f38f8d64dPhoto Booth and its collection of effects and backgrounds are a favorite among Mac users. You can easily add dozens of new effects to Photo Booth with the free download here.


Middle School Digital Aces: Video Production Tips

This story was submitted by sixth grade teacher, Mr. David Beyer. Mr. Beyer works with Mrs. Barbara Jaindl, Middle School library media teacher, to run the middle school Digital Aces program. Digital Aces is a student technology group that meets regularly during the school day to develop specific student technology skills. Participating students take their new skills and share them with teachers and fellow students back in the classroom.

Recently, Digital Aces learned nine simple things they could do to improve their video production skills. Groups of students created videos to share their new knowledge with their peers in the school. Digital Aces recorded the video tips on different laptops, edited each scene separately, then combined the various segments using QuickTime.
Here are two samples. Each was shot in three parts: a demonstration of the problem, a tip on how to solve it, and an example of implementation of that tip.
Background Music
Camera Level

High School Library Tutorials

This story was submitted by High School library media teacher, Mrs. Robin Burns.

English and media teacher, Mr. Kelly Wetherhold, and library media teacher, Mrs. Robin Burns, have been working with students to create and produce library screencast tutorials.  The tutorials require students to interact with a specific library subscription database and then teach it to their peers through a screencast.

Students used iMovie and Garage Band to record their screencast and voiceover dialogue. The goal of this project is to warehouse all of the tutorials on the Salisbury High School Library website for students to use in refining their research skills.

All of the information and digital resources students are using for the creation of the tutorials is located at this LibGuide.