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December 7, 2012


Using iLife in Social Studies

by mdritter85

Ms. Patti Anderson’s fifth grade class at Western Salisbury Elementary used a variety of web resources and applications to create unique projects for a social studies garageband-iconproject about colonists coming to America.  Timothy Buda and Luke Foehrkolb decided to use a website called Incredibox to make a beat and then write a rap about the colonists.

Once they created the beat, they recorded themselves rapping their song using the Apple application Garageband.  You can listen to the song on the link below.  Thanks to Ms. Anderson for her work on integrating technology in the classroom!

Luke and Timmy Rap

In addition, students Sincere Peoples and Justin Walck recorded themselves using Flip cameras, highlighting portions of the Mayflower ship.  They used Smart Boards to project the image of the ship, then used the Apple application iMovie to edit the footage and add titles, transitions, and audio.  Check out the video below.  Great job everyone!

Mayflower Ship

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  1. Barb Jaindl
    Dec 7 2012

    This student project is much more than “just the facts, Jack!” Love the creativity!

  2. As a Social Studies Teacher myself (when I’m working), I love reading about innovative teaching.


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