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Using QR Codes in Math

Mr. Chris Adams’ fifth grade class at Western Salisbury Elementary School used QR reader applications on iPods and iPads to learn math.

“I used the QR reader in a guided math center.  The center had two objectives.  The first asked the students to focus on the concept of place value.  The second required the studentsImage to understand numbers in standard, word,and expanded form.  The students worked collaboratively to find the answers to 12 questions. Once the groups of students had arrived at their answers to the questions, they then used the camera in an iPod or iPad along with the QR reader app to check their work.  The QR code revealed to the students the correct value of digits and the correct form of the number.”

Thanks to Mr. Adams for his work integrating technology into the math classroom!


The Student Eye: What Makes Life Awesome?

This post is authored by Salisbury High School teacher, Jennifer Brinson.

What Makes Life Awesome?  This is the question that the Salisbury High School Gifted Seminar students are posing through their new blog entitled The Student Eye.  Students are blogging about everything from hot air balloons to stories they have written to amazing plays on the soccer field.  They are including new dirt bikes, watching football games with dad, sunrises, catching something like a ninja, and the whole baseball team getting a hit.  Everything goes on this blog – it just has to follow one simple rule… has to be AWESOME!  That’s right, in order to be blog worthy, an event just has to be awesome.

This idea was not original to us. The blog is fashioned after Neil Pasricha’s blog 1000 Awesome Things.  Pasricha started writing his blog after a turn of tragic events in his life and he began seeing the good in the world.  He took to his computer and began writing about them, one day at a time — open checkout lines, refills on sodas, dogs in the driver’s seats, nice cops, you name it.  If it was free and universal – Pasricha thought it was awesome and now – so do we!

The students will post a blog entry once a week that consists of an image, movie clip, audio track, or simply text.  They can post from their laptops, smartphones, tablets – whatever device they choose as we chose a blog platform that has apps for Android and iOS devices. The rule is – no blog can be more than two paragraphs in length.  Make your point and keep it simple.  Each student comments on two other blog entries by other students – sustainable and inspiring comments – not simply “I agree.” The goal is to get the students to look at their world through a different lens and appreciate it.  Please check out The Student Eye: What Makes Life Awesome?

J. Brinson


Miss Piagesi and Mrs. Burns – High School English Projects

Miss Jennifer Piagesi, high school English teacher, and Mrs. Robin Burns, high school library media teacher, have been collaborating on several projects for 10th grade English students.

Miss Piagesi and Mrs. Burns worked with students to create several project-based assessments to complete both the short story and non-fiction units. Students were able to work either individually or in groups to combine text, images, and music using Animoto to retell their chosen short story.

The Apple Tree by Katherine Mansfield – Animoto by Hannah Ibrahim and Connor Wagner

Fiction resources

The non-fiction project required students to create a brochure in Pages using several elements from each portion of the unit.  Students were also offered the opportunity to create a movie project.

Abolone, Abolone, Abolone by Toshio Mori

Movie by Tyler Rutt, Michael Palmer and Dustin Pope

Non-fiction resources


Technology Survey

Salisbury Township School District is partnering with BrightBytes, an educational software company, in order to learn more about how our students use technology for learning at home and at school.

We are reaching out to parents asking you to take part in our parent survey that will only take 5 minutes for you to complete. Your participation is critical in helping us form a complete picture of technology use for learning in our students’ lives. All of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy.

The survey will remain open through Wednesday, October 24.

Please follow the links below for your specific survey. If you have children in more than one school, you may complete the survey for each school.

Thank you for taking part in this important data gathering activity!


TL2014 – Resources of the week… (weekly)

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