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2012 High School Media Literacy Video

Salisbury High School was awarded a grant through Drug Free Pennsylvania to develop media based on research and development on media literacy and media messages in the adolescent world.  Mr. Kelly Wetherhold and his media students were asked to create a video designed to reach out to the current generation, sharing meaningful messages and ideas.  The students involved in this process developed many critical skills. Problem-solving, creativity and production all became relevant, and the students truly benefited from the experience.  Student views of media and its power also developed and were altered throughout the course of the grant initiative.

The grant opportunity provided Salisbury High School with funding to purchase an iPad and HD video camera, technical assistance and collaboration opportunities for students to implement a student-centered, peer-to-peer media literacy initiative focused on examining and understanding the impact of media messages on drug and alcohol use among teenagers. High schools from across Pennsylvania competed for three slots in the inaugural program. The selection committee chose Salisbury High School for participation this year.

The video below will be featured at a Drug Free Pennsylvania conference in Pittsburgh, PA this coming fall. Congratulations to Mr. Wetherhold and the students who participated: Abigail Eichorn, Jackie Busolits, Joe Skibbens, Abby Stevens, Alan Mendez, Tommy Walters, Bridgett Higgins, Lauren Brown, Kelly Esslinger, Jason Carne, and Alexa Bartel. Please watch the final video product and leave a comment!


Summer Library Hours!

Are you looking for the most recent title in a new series? A book recommended by a friend?  Did you use Destiny Catalog to put a book on hold, but want to read it sooner rather than wait ‘til September? Do you want to learn something new using an iPad app? Stop by any of our libraries during the Salisbury Township School District open summer library hours!

All Salisbury Township School District libraries will be open to all district students (elementary through high school) to use and check out books on the following dates this summer: (All times are 9:00-11:00 AM)

  • Tuesday, June 19 – Salisbury High School
  • Wednesday, June 20 – Western Salisbury Elementary School
  • Thursday, June 21 – Harry S Truman Elementary School
  • Tuesday, June 26 – Salisbury Middle School
  • Thursday, June 28 – Harry S Truman Elementary School and Salisbury High School
  • Thursday, July 5 – Harry S Truman Elementary School
  • Tuesday, July 10 – Western Salisbury Elementary School
  • Tuesday, July 24 – Salisbury Middle School
  • Thursday, July 26 – Harry S Truman Elementary School
  • Wednesday, August 1 – Salisbury Middle School
  • Thursday, August 2 – Harry S Truman Elementary School

Please note that due to maintenance schedules, these times may need to be adjusted. Updates will be provided via the District web site and SchoolReach messaging system.


Summer 2012 Community Workshops

Parents and community are invited to register for two Summer Community Workshops:

  • Internet Safety – Wednesday, July 25 – 9:00 – 11:00 AM – Harry S. Truman Elementary School – 1400 Gaskill Avenue, Allentown

Think about how technology has changed since you were a student. Technology provides today’s learners with many opportunities, but can also be misused. Parents and schools can work together to protect our children. Participants will learn strategies to safeguard identity and monitor technology use.

  • Social Networking – Monday, July 30 – 9:00 – 11:00 AM – Harry S. Truman Elementary School – 1400 Gaskill Avenue, Allentown

Facebook is changing our lives. How can you protect your children and work with them to use Facebook as a positive tool? Join us to discuss your top questions about Facebook and social networking. The workshop will be organized around the book Facebook for Parents. (

A flyer can be downloaded at

Register for a workshop at