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May 9, 2012

High School Economics: Moving Our World

by Randy Ziegenfuss

On February 13, students from Miss Jennifer Brinson‘s Economics class at Salisbury High School shared a challenging economics project at PETE&C, Pennsylvania’s state technology conference and expo. Miss Brinson, along with students Abigail Eichhorn, Jackie Busolits and Lauren Brown, shared what they learned designing and working on this project.

We were doing a scarcity project in our Economics class and we wanted to select a topic more out of the box, so we chose the scarcity of technology, specifically the scarcity of communication between rural medical centers and patients in need. This lead us to the organization of Hope Phones. We then took the process of gathering old cell phones into our school and continue to collect them to this day.

The students and their work are featured on the Discovery Education Blog. Be sure to visit the link to view the various public service announcements and read more about the project. Congratulations to Miss Brinson and her students for being selected to present their work at one of the most popular educational technology conferences in the United States!

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