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May 4, 2012


No Place for Hate – Antibullying Activity

by Randy Ziegenfuss

The Salisbury High School No Place for Hate Team produced two videos used recently during a school-wide Anti-bullying activity.

The activity involved all SHS students completing a pre-video survey on Falcon Apps about their understanding of bullying and their involvement in bullying situations. The students then watched two student-created videos on bullying.

Video credits – Calvin Ng produced Bullied to Death; Carly Fortunato produced How Would You Feel?

After viewing the videos, students completed the post-video survey to measure changes in attitudes and understanding of bullying. The survey also provided students with the opportunity to suggest ways of raising student awareness about bullying.

This is one of three No Place for Hate school-wide activities planned for this school year. By conducting these activities, Salisbury High School will have the distinction of being identified by the Anti-defamation League as a “No Place for Hate” school.

The staff and students of Salisbury Township School District are very proud of what the students have accomplished in such a short period of time. Special thanks go out to No Place for Hate advisers Morgan Flagg and Laura Dos Santos. Their dedication to get No Place for Hate up and running is commendable!

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  1. rebecca
    Feb 29 2012

    as the mom of a child that was bullied every day of her life from the time she left for school til she returned home, i applaued the school for doing this ..
    thankfully the bullying my child recieved didn’t get her down..nor did the way some of the school authorities dealt with it ..(it wasnt dealt with well)..she was given some very good advice from home that helped her put it in perspective and let her pretty much shrug it off
    yes she has the apologies meant nothing when they were given..some of these children grew up with her and then turned to bulling her..that hurt…both of us
    i can thankfully say….. in spite of of you who bullied her…she is a well adjusted person who knows who she is and is happy and thankful for every day..

  2. Tamsen Alper
    Mar 1 2012

    I am so very proud of every person involved in this. It is something we ALL need to know about and DO something about. Thinking before we speak and speaking up for someone who is being bullied is VERY important! Great job!

  3. Louise Beauchemin
    Mar 1 2012

    I applaud the students of SHS who produced and/or participated in creating these videos. Bullying is a cruel and demeaning way of treating another human being. May the powerful messages of your videos and “No Place for Hate” compel each one of us to allow every person the respect and dignity to be who and what he/she is. The world needs every one of us. Let us commit to treat each other with the kindness, respect and compassion we each deserve.

  4. Dara Kelly
    Mar 3 2012

    Great work on the videos!


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