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March 5, 2012


Projects from World Cultures II – Mrs. Morgan Flagg-Detweiler

by Randy Ziegenfuss

This post was contributed by Salisbury High School social studies teacher, Mrs. Morgan Flagg-Detweiler.

Video 1:  I’m a Slave by Danny Then (12th grade) and Joel Montanez (12th grade)

This video was completed as a creative project on the Atlantic slave trade.  Students were to choose one topic or person presented in the unit and creatively depict the topic or person.  In their rap, Danny and Joel describe the hardships of what slaves experienced during the harrowing trip.  This project was completed during the 1st semester.

Video 2: The Art of War by Peter Samy (11th grade) and Mason Kresley (11th grade)

Students were assigned topics pertaining to Imperialism in China. Peter and Mason chose the topic Sun Tzu and his famous book The Art of War.  For the assignment, students completed Keynote slides highlighting the big ideas of the topic and then created a depiction of their topic.  Peter and Mason completed a short movie describing the main points of their presentation.  

Video 3:  First and Second Opium Wars + 2 unequal Treaties by Charles Wagner (12th grade) and Chris Moyer (12th grade)

This was the same project  as listed above, however the topic was the Opium Wars and its effects.

xtranormal: Opium Trade by Jonathan Al-Khal (11th grade) and Tory D’Angelis (12th grade)

Opium Trade
by: Johnny_Love

This, too, is a project focused on Chinese imperialism. Jonathan and Tory highlighted all the details about the trade of opium by the British. The presentation demonstrates how the British felt superior to the Indian and Chinese people. There is some humor at the end of the presentation where there is a dance off between the queen of England and Gandhi.

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  1. Louise Beauchemin
    Mar 6 2012

    Your videos were engaging to watch. Your portrayal of the topics certainly presented the big idea and essential details in a creative manner. Thank you for sharing your work with a larger audience.


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