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Student Laptop Care

With over 900 laptops in the hands of our students, repair statistics demonstrate that our students are doing a good job with caring for their District-owned laptop computers. Occasionally, accidental damage occurs and these damages are addressed through the insurance claim process with no disruption to the learning process. We can’t reinforce too much with our children the importance of proper care and maintenance of these expensive learning tools. Please download Caring for you Macbook: A guide for students and review it with your child(ren). Your efforts, along with ours at the building level, will help to ensure that our students continue to successfully care for their laptop computers.  Thank you!


TL2014 – Resources you may find useful… 02/27/2012

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TL2014 – Resources you may find useful… 02/21/2012

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TL2014 – Resources you may find useful… 02/20/2012

  • “Savvy teachers and schools are already discarding the one-size-fits-all, siloed model of teaching and learning. And, they already know that it’s not enough for schools to simply add on a “creativity hour”; it must be infused into all aspects of our education system. Let’s hope more schools get on board with this paradigm shift so that an entire generation of students doesn’t grow up living their lives according to outdated 20th-century myths about creativity.”

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7th Grade English Students Make Movie Trailers From Short Stories

In Mrs. Beth Prokesch’s English classes, students worked in groups using their creative movie making skills to express their understanding of short stories.  Students read an assigned short story in class. They then created a script and selected roles for their movie trailer. Students analyzed the plot parts of the short story and filmed the actors. Students selected music to represent the mood of the short story and revised and edited their final project using iMovie software.

Students also included bloopers at the end of their iMovie trailers for added laughs.  The students filled out a self-assessment and had their peers evaluate their work. All students played their movies for a live audience at the conclusion of the unit.

“All Summer in a Day” was performed by Matt L. Daniel B., Leandra R., and Taylor V.

Mrs. Prokesch – All Summer In A Day from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.

“The Third Wish” was performed by Mahlon R., Logan K., Andrew F., and Joahna H.

The Third Wish from Randy Ziegenfuss on Vimeo.