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January 19, 2012

Western Salisbury Elementary School – 3rd Grade Literacy and Geography

by Randy Ziegenfuss

The Felix Geography Unit provided students with the ability to develop their skills with maps and globes, specifically using Google Earth.

The project began with the class reading the book Letters from Felix: A Little Rabbit on a World Tour, the story of an adorable rabbit that gets lost in an airport and ends up traveling all over the world.  The story includes letters from Felix and his experiences in world locations such as London, England, Paris, Rome, Egypt, Africa, Kenya and New York.

As the students “traveled” with Felix, they used Google Earth to find his location, visiting the various cities and countries virtually. Once finished reading the book, the students researched interesting facts about the various geographical locations Felix visited. Student work was then displayed on the “Where in the World is Felix? Wall” outside of the classroom.

In addition to learning about many of the world’s major cities and countries through the use of Google Earth, the students also enjoyed finding and locating their own homes, the school, and their local surroundings while developing map skills using an important technology tool.

(Click to enlarge)

Have you used Google Earth? Learn more about Google Earth watching this short video.

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