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November 18, 2011

TL2014 – Resources you may find useful… 11/19/2011

by Randy Ziegenfuss
  • Are you the type of person who, when flipping through a book or scanning a website, immediately searches for the diagrams or charts because you’d rather absorb the information visually then have to read a bunch of text? If so, then you are probably a visual learner and this website was made especially for you. The goal is to present useful information in the form of study charts so that students, teachers or simply those interested in increasing their general knowledge can absorb the information quickly and visually.

    tags: charts tl2014

  • Study Stream is a new service for learning to read and speak Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. The centerpiece of the Study Stream system is a collection of videos and articles in the language that you’re trying to learn. The videos and articles are accompanied by side-by-side translations to help you follow along.

    tags: language foreignlanguage tl2014 studystream

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