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September 3, 2011


TL2014 – Resources you may find useful… 09/04/2011

by Randy Ziegenfuss

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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  1. Jennifer Boyd
    Sep 4 2011

    I am just a mom, with no affiliation to any company or school, other than to have a student in HST, and another going into SMS.
    I am part of a community who utilizes the info provided by a wonderful organization, Apps For Children With Special Needs, aka: a4cwsn.
    a4cwsn works with many developers of apps for the iPad, iPod Touch, and the iPhone. There are developers featured on the website, where you can see reviews of the apps, some of them you can see a video of how the app works.
    There are not only apps and developers for the special special needs community. If you follow a4cwsn on their facebook page, you will often see links to developers who offer sales on their apps, for special needs as well as preschoolers, elementary, middle school students. Educational apps.
    Please, though, if you should find something of interest, go to the website, find the widget to purchase the apps thru them. THERE IS NO COST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS AND PURCHASING DIRECTLY FROM ITUNES!! However, if you purchase thru the website, it will then direct you to the itunes website. You will pay the same exact price as you would if you went directly to iTunes. By doing this one middle step, you are supporting a4cwsn, as the developers are getting the added support by a4cwsn supplying the info about their apps, and the developers in turn give financial support to a4cwsn, which then uses that financial support to purchase iPads and apps for families in need of these important learning tools for their children with special needs, and may not otherwise be able to provide these tools for their children, themselves.
    Again, there is no additional cost to you, it is just one extra step.
    I hope this info is clear enough for you. I apologize if I have only added confusion. If you check out the website and/or their facebook page, you will find the information provided much more clearly!
    It is truly a valuable resource!
    ~Jennifer Boyd

  2. Sep 4 2011

    Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. A link to will appear in tomorrow’s “Resources you may find useful…”.


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